Core aspects of teacher Professionalism and Autonomy


How much teacher autonomy is healthy? ( )

Article “A comparative analysis of primary teacher professionalism in England and Finland” discussed and studied teacher professionalism between two countries; both countries have different educational models and different approach. The general core of teacher professionalism is represented by pedagogical studies, for the teacher professionalism pedagogy and content knowledge play an integral role. Another main aspect of teacher professionalism is for its moral and ethical doings. Teacher beliefs and professional behaviors are also core aspects of teacher professionalism. As this profession deals with human beings, so it becomes great responsibility of human’s physical and behavioral problems. I learned from my teaching experience as this profession is of high responsibility and teachers have to take care of human’s mental/psychological and behavioral developments.

Societal expectations always put an impact on different aspects of this profession. This profession occupies a position of trust; indicate that trust by parents on teacher and teaching institution.  Parents hand over their children to the teacher and teaching institution, parents expect their children to be happy, safe and well educated. There is a long list of expectations; one of the main ones are social problems which arise in the society, such issues give to school to solve, as the result teachers and educational institution have the responsibility to educate all range of social expectations. This profession has significant responsibility for preparing young people to lead, happy, productive and successful lives. Better teaching professionalism opens the doors of opportunity. School education the people get sets them up for life.

There is also an issue, what happened when these expectations don’t match with the what educational institution is trying to achieve. For example, some parents would want to succeed to a very high level. They may wish their child is highly successful in sports or culture and this is not always possible. So the issue of unrealistic expectations is important.  I should write here social construction is one of the main tasks in teacher professionalism.

Government is one of the main stakeholders in the education system; governmental involvement is also a key teaching professionalism. It has been observed that some time excess of governmental involvement put a negative impact on teacher professionalism. But on the other hand, without governmental involvement, teaching professionalism can’t be sustained or developed. Because it is the government who take care of teacher’s professional well being, without professional well being, this profession can’t be upgraded and developed. It is a kind of profession which realized the changes of recent and future times and delivers it to students.

There are a lot of factors can be implemented for keeping the standards or making even better.  I will discuss here a few important points. Professional well being is the most important part of any profession, but profession like teaching, professional well being become even more important.

In both of the countries, England and Finland, both governments have their involvement in educational systems. This is one of the reasons why these countries have the best education system. Finland has even more stronghold on education reforms for a long time. In addition, due to this involvement, the Finnish education system developed to a high level and now considered one of the best primary education systems in the world. This shows that governmental involvement most of the time suits to the educational system. In England, the earlier primary educational system was not controlled by the government, but later the government took charge and lately the situation has improved. I have one more example, Pakistani educational system. In Pakistan governmental involvement decreased with the passage of time, and the result today Pakistani educational system in the hands of private sector and the private sector always think and act commercially. When the approach is economical, no education system can survive. Couple of decades ago, Pakistani educational system was better. But since government involvement decreased, level of education also decreased.


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