EduSci: Part 3: Collaborative Activity

Lesson Plan:

Course:  Multicultural Communication (1 ects)

1 ECTS credit = approx. 27 hours of work

Co-ordinators: Christian Soto & Iatazaz Hussain

Learning objectives:

  • To explore cultural self-awareness, other culture awareness, and the dynamics that arise in interactions between the two.

  • To understand how communication processes differ among cultures.

  • To identify challenges that arise from these differences in intercultural interactions and learn ways to creatively address them.

  • To discover the importance of the roles of context and power in studying intercultural communication.

  • To acquire knowledge, skills and attitudes that increase intercultural competence

Pedagogical theory grounding the lesson:

Individual Task and Group Task (Activity):

Discuss within your group, your experiences from different multicultural situations and environments, the experiences should preferably come from work situations. Relevant experiences from studies, private life and travelling can be included.

Reflect on your positive experiences – what did you learn from them?

Reflect on issues and challenges – how did you manage to solve them?

1)      Write a short individual report (1-2 pages) based on the group discussions and your personal insights. Home Assignment.

2)     Read reports that other students have uploaded.

3)     Read the books/articles listed under “Literature”.

4)    Prepare a group presentation (10 minutes) based on personal insights and literature reviewed. Present it to the rest of the groups.

Forms of Assessment:

– a written individual reflection presenting different points of view (pass/fail) and

– active participation in the group activity/presentation (pass/fail).


1. When Cultures Collide: LEADING ACROSS CULTURES. Richard D. Lewis. Nicholas Brealey International.

2. Cultures and Organizations: Software of the Mind, Third Edition. Geert Hofstede, Gert Jan Hofstede, Michael Minkov.

Prerequisite: n/a


Lesson Structure:



Learning methods/ Other pedagogical considerations



Welcome and introduction

Introduction of  teacher and students

Entire class – lecture

15 min


Course description and its aims


15 min

Activity 1

Activity in Groups (3-4)

Each group will give different shaped papers to every student.

When each and everyone will get paper he/she will write some Tag Line or Word on the paper describing some positive incident in his life from Multicultural Environment Perspective. Then each group will come in front of class and everyone will describe his/her experience.

Entire class – Group Activity

40 min


15 min

Short discussion

Open conversation on the positive side of multicultural communication

Entire class

15 min

Activity 2

Video display – conflicts/negative side of multicultural communication

Entire class – students watch video

10 min

Short discussion

Open conversation on the negative side of multicultural communication

Entire class

20 min


30 min

Activity 3

Hofstede’s 6 dimensions tool. Compare countries.


20 min

Short discussion

Findings on synergies, strengths and threats

Entire class

20 min

Open discussion

Final wrap up and details about future home assignment and deadline.

Entire class

20 min

Total time

4 h

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