Principles of Good Administration in Teaching


Our next task was about the principles of good administration and how are they evident in teaching. Learning objectives of our assignment were to gain knowledge about ‘Administrative Procedure Act’, to know the basics of ‘The Constitution of Finland’ and to understand the role of Finnish laws and constitution in the administration of a teacher’s work.

These principles are intended as a guideline for faculty members, students, and administrators to follow to improve teaching and learning.  This act mainly deals with administrative matters and respond to questions and inquiries. Administrative Procedure Act (APA) Finland is an act of streamlining how government institutions propose and establish administrative regulations. This act provides the foundations for good administration provisions.

How is APA evident in teacher’s life?

One of the integral sections in our assignment was considering Finnish APA how it is evident in the teacher’s life. This act contains 12 chapters and 71 sections, we as a group (EduWars) during our assignment worked on a few chapters, which are most important from teacher’s perspective, all chapters of APA are equally important.

To treat everyone equally and use the competence only for the purposes acceptable under the law (Section 6).

This section of APA promotes equality, teacher’s one of the main responsibility to promote equality by his actions, behavior and during planning for his lessons. At most of the Universities of applied sciences (ammattikorkeakoulu) in Finland, students come from different countries, different cultures with different attitudes and learning abilities.  It depends on the situation how to implement equality. For example, a simple way to ensure that all students are getting an equal chance to participate is to use the cooperative learning strategy. This approach gives all students the opportunity to have an equal chance at participating (even if they do not want to). This strategy involves having students write their ideas down about a specific topic, pair up with a partner or a neighbor in class, discuss, and compare their thoughts, then share their thoughts with the whole class. In addition, for the teachers, In order to engage all students equally, you must vary your learning strategies.

To arrange the use of services and easily accessible to all (Section 7).

The aim of this act is to take the opinions of teachers to determine the ways to improve the quality of service at an educational establishment in order to improve student satisfaction. This act is to increase the awareness of teachers and tutors about the quality in education and to provide their contribution to creating quality culture.  In addition, arranging available resources in a way that all students can get benefit from it, physical arrangements impact the success of students.  

To use the language that is clear, precise and easy to understand (Section 9).

Use language that is clear, easy to understand and to the point. Though Finland is a bilingual country where Finnish and Swedish both are official languages.  The right of customers to use their own language in dealings with authorities is governed by separate provisions of the law and is subject to treaties binding on Finland. In Finnish schools, twice a year teachers meet with student’s parents, and if both teacher and parents are not comfortable with one language, school arranges a translator who speaks both Finnish and another language in which parents feel comfortable.

To assist and promote the cooperation between authorities(Section 10).

Cooperation between authorities, assisting each other (authorities) and to enhance competence is essential.

To maintain confidentiality in dealing with the client’s matter (Section 13).

Confidentiality is the protection of personal information. Confidentiality means keeping a student’s information between you and the student and needs to be handled carefully. It is educational establishment responsibility to care of confidentiality.

Finnish APA is actually a wide subject to discuss and it is not possible to highlight each aspect of this act. From a teacher’s perspective, it is very important to study this act completely and show his/her competence during his/her teachings. 

I already started thinking about my upcoming task, see you soon 🙂


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