Special Education

In this assignment, our group discussed the student welfare services in vocational schools and in higher education in Finland. Student welfare services promote physical, mental, social and subsequently create an environment that encourages high academic performance. The Finnish education system provides equal opportunities for all if someone needs some proper attention, or extra attention law and legislation in the Finnish education system supports students. Article published in the University of Helsinki website narrated Student welfare services in detail. This article focused on special needs education, school social worker, school health services and school psychologist

As per the European Commission, the Constitution of Finland, This chapter provides information on how educational support and guidance is organized in Finland. This law specifies that “no one shall, without an acceptable reason, be treated differently from other persons on the grounds of gender, age, origin, language, religion, conviction, opinion, health, disability or any other reason that concerns his or her self.”

According to the Basic Education Act, education must be provided according to pupils’ capabilities so as to promote their healthy growth and development. Those providing education must cooperate with pupils’ parents or other guardians. Pupils participating in education are entitled to a safe learning environment. The Act further states that pupils are entitled to teaching that is based on the national and local curricula as well as guidance and counseling on every school day. Pupils are also entitled to receive sufficient support for growth, learning, and school attendance directly as the need arises and to free pupil welfare necessary for participation in education.

The essential principle of Finnish education is to provide equal opportunities for learning and growth to every pupil or student. Support for learners plays a key role. This entails removing barriers to learning, physical, attitudinal or pedagogical, early intervention and support and welfare.

A teacher helps students to acquire knowledge. Special education provided to children with physical or mental problems who need to be taught in a different way from other children, specialized instruction designed to meet their unique learning needs. In such special cases, if general support is not enough and does not fulfill a student’s special needs system provides pedagogical assessment and a plan for increased support. I have experienced this thing in Finland, my son moved to Finland and admitted in a school in class/level 2, it was an integration group. He took some time to adopt the new educational system and new language. Teachers found him shy and inactive in the class. They arranged few teacher-parent meetings, also discussed with special education teacher and made some pedagogical assessments. They made an individual education plan and some special arrangements so that can continue his education at a normal pace.

Equality Assessment Tool Finlex,  The new ‘Equality Act’ came into force on 1 January 2015. It was developed to identify discrimination and to ensure equality and find methods of improving equality. as identifying discrimination is important to bring equality.  This act basically provides shelter to the people in all fields of working life. I co-relate this law with special education as in special education one should be treated differently, if needed, to bring equality.


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