Development Plan

What mandatory qualities should a teacher have and what have I learnt?

Teaching has been by far a very humbling experience for me. I have learnt a lot of special experiences which have led me to understand and respect this line of work even more. It has changed my perspectives for the better. I have started to look at various angles by the help of students and by engaging with them I feel like I am getting education myself too, I feel like I am experiencing the feeling of coming out from a shell. I like how students intervene with the teachers and how they are vocal about their point of view. I have learnt that there are and there can be multiple perspectives to one thing.

The teacher must be well planned, Planning, well ahead of time is also what I have learnt. I have become more disciplined, I have started to think like a teacher; someone who spreads enlightenment, I have started to take everything far more responsibly then I used to, I consider it my moral duty to thoroughly study any subject in detail before I talk about it in front of my students or anyone, I have become more self-accountable then I was.

What challenges did I face to become a better teacher?

I pushed myself to provide my students with the best possible knowledge I possessed and that was a challenge for me. It was a new experience, so I had to push myself even further and I had to try very hard to come to the level of a student’s mind/approach.  I had to elaborate myself and repeat myself, it made me uncertain at times about a lot of things. it was an obstacle for me, with time I got to understand it better and it helped me.

I had to follow a routine, I had to become more disciplined. It was challenging to become disciplined and follow a strict routine to achieve all the basic requirements, it was a struggle to spend mandatory time on specific tasks to understand a basic lecture. I am with the passage of time getting used to it.

What makes a good teacher?

Following mind map, shows my understanding, what qualities a good teacher should have,


Considering a good teacher. A teacher must have good communication skills to help students to achieve academic success. A teacher also needs good communication skills to further the student’s careers. Without good communication skills, teachers restrict the learning process as well as their own career mobility.

It’s necessary for a teacher to be honest and sincere with his/her job role and duty. Students always follow what teacher does and reflect on them. Teachers should be careful about what he or she does and make sure of fulfilling commitments he/she makes. Once a student finds teacher not sticking to his/her words then the student shall also start ignoring the teacher.

If you are thinking, teachers are meant to teach to students then you are missing something. Teachers aren’t just to teach but they are in continuous process of learning too. Should they stop learning themselves, their teaching turns dull. The world advances with technology, knowledge steadily and it is responsibility of a teacher to stay updated in order to prepare student for all the upcoming changes in the society and world.

My inspiration in the Teaching profession, my favorite teacher was the inspiration behind this assignment and as I place her example in my mind, it is easier for me to understand this task better and it will further help me in transforming into a better teacher too. My favorite teacher taught me Biology, she taught me far beyond any subject that can be taught in school though. She taught me how a kind teacher can influence, she taught me that a kind low tone can even generate interest of a student in a specific subject. Even I wasn’t much interested in this subject, this subject was boring for me, but quite often her presence and her calm friendly tone and positive ways made me feel relaxed in my class. She was always in a pleasant mood which helped me to unwind the stress of my school. The calmness of a teacher can help the student with so many hurdles, it helps to bring students closer to the teacher and to clear their confusions as well without any hesitation. I learned teaching is such a field which can create an impact on life. Either this impact can be valuable and constructive, or it can make a student fall from even their own eyes, it’s a very delicate and a fragile line of work where one can help with the self-esteem of students immensely.

Important factors in the development plan:

I have learnt from my experience that a teacher can develop better by the help of notes and constant time dedication to their study routine; the routine of what and how he or she would give the lecture on, the next day. this would help improvise the confidence of the lecturer and promote in the better understanding of the students about what their lesson comprises of. this task is not easy by any form, it requires a proper disciplined lifestyle of the lecturer, which balances both his personal life and his professional life as well. This helps in the time division which the lecturer can dedicate to these lessons and his notes or key points or even his test plans and lesson planners.


Among other important factors, the basic one includes a teacher’s wellbeing; the teacher should take care of themselves, even if they have a busy personal life or a hectic professional life, they should have a healthy lifestyle so that they can be punctual and dedicated to their work, this way the students are not affected in a negative way. this again requires a disciplined and a healthy lifestyle.

Improving my professional qualification is also a key, while dedicating time to be the lecturer, I need to improve my educational qualifications in my substance field.  Also needs to keep updating on the current and latest use of technology which is used in the lecture rooms or which is used to prepare a lecture such as software’s to compile a report or a lecture even for assessment purposes. besides technological advancement in knowledge of a teacher, the teacher needs to improvise on his or her qualification as well. one way could be by availing every off and participating in any certification courses or by taking up degree programs or even part-time courses, these help in further development of the lecturer and helps in broadening the horizons of both; the teacher and the student in turn as well ; this also can be termed as learning about the latest developments for example when one stays updated through fashion magazines or by watching the latest trends of how people dress up, it is easy to understand the latest fashion ins and outs ( that is if one wants to stay trendy) so it is important to stay in the loop especially in this technologically advanced era.

The vocational lecturer can greatly benefit by finding a permanent place in the teaching sector, this will help the teacher stay focused about his or her career, it would help them understand the teaching field more and in return do justice to it by contributing to the field by their constant hard work and how realizing how teaching helps to radiate or emit knowledge by giving it out as a teacher.

Last but not least, if one aspires to be a teacher in Finland, it is best to improve one’s Finnish and English language skills. It is integral to have a Finnish social circle to practice Finnish and to be fluent at it. other methods include taking a proper language course in Finnish or to take a certification course to understand its basic grammar and its proper pronunciation as well.

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