Classroom/Frontal Teaching


I was given a chance to attend a few classes. In all of which I observed the students quite keenly while taking notes. It was my first experience and there were around eighty students in the class, in front of me, comprising of various nationalities. I felt very anxious and initially confused, but the warmth of my guiding teacher and the welcoming behaviour of the students helped me overcome this feeling in a matter of minutes.

It was a good experience to learn how kind the lecturer was towards every student and the students felt so comfortable in the class because of the vibes of this lecturer. There was no controlling behaviour and no bossism. The students reciprocated in giving respect and appreciated it deeply. I observed, how the students conformed to punctuality and there was a good light positive atmosphere in the class, the energy was almost contagious and I felt confident and expressive.

The session also comprised of activity on Padlet. Padlet is a browser-based virtual wall where participants add pictures, videos, and texts as sticky notes – at the same time. It is used, for example, in brainstorming and group work. I researched and came across to manage a Padlet page, where students were writing their own thoughts and responding to the questions, here you will find my playable Padlet  activity link:

padlet activity

Picture credit goes to one of my students in the class

Purpose of this Padlet online activity and why I used this online forum: While doing our lesson planning, we realized that some activity in the class suits for that specific lecturing topic. I planned and designed it for my students. I collected the data and prepared this Padlet activity. I used this through the website Padlet. This activity also turned out meaningful and students responded well. They actively participated in this online activity, they considered it some good stuff, responded well and at the end, question/answer session guided them to deep understanding. 

Another collaborative learning activity: a Kahoot questionnaire was made and it was also an online activity for the entire class,  it was a very good experience and the students liked it as well. Actually, it was a brainstorming session for the students to fresh up what they have learnt during the previous lessons.


Here is playable Kahoot quiz link:

Second and Third Teaching Session: