How I assess the portfolios

To assess student’s Portfolios is one part of the overall assessment. 

Number of total students were 80

Feedback and grade:

Student Name: ABC

My analysis of the task:

  1. The student has watched a longer movie instead of a short episode of a series. Perhaps the task was not correctly understood. The text is not really clear, and too long. Not a focus on the process, but a lot about explaining the content. Grade 2.
  2. What is the main Research Question? What is the observation questions? When has this observation been done, and how? (Bonus if the student could describe the type of observation). Not explaining the process, just some random conclusions. Grade 2
  3. Ok topic (even though it could have been stated clearer), ok questions (even though these could have been written more correctly. The method used was not allowed, you should have made interviews face to face. Too much focus on the result, and not enough focus on the process.  Grade 2
  4. The link to the article is included, good. What is the main question? The mindmap is not included in the powerpoint, but it is done and submitted separately. The mindmap is really simple, more levels could have been added. Grade 3.
  5. General: On time, Ok looking report, but the layout has some lacks (-0,5). And no cover page (-0,5), which we did not request but which is kind of obvious, (the name of the student was missing from the report! (-0,5), ok language (but some problems, with sentences without a proper beginning (-0,5), no mindmap included in the portfolio (handed in separately) (-0,5) Grade 2,5

The feedback is given to the student is as follows:

Thank you for the portfolio!

You have returned it on time, and the layout is ok, even though it does not completely follow the Centria style. You could have added a coverpage, with your name on (now your name is not on the report.) Language is mostly ok, but some sentences are not clear. Your mindmap is not included in the portfolio. Grade for layout, language and deadline: 2,5

The individual parts are graded according to the following:

  1. You did not perform the task completely according to the guideline. You should have watched a series instead of a film and the focus in the report should have been on the process, not so much on the content. The language was not really clear, check that all sentences have a logical structure. You could have added some more background info about the observation you did, as for example when. Grade 2.
  2. The place and the idea were quite well chosen. You could have stated a specific research question. (As if there is a difference in the behavior of male and female customers). You could also have stated the observation questions. It would have been good to also mention the type of observation that you did, and something about how you did this. Grade 2

3 Good topic. But state the main theme really clearly. Add some more emphasis on making the questions. Write a little bit more about your own process instead of the result. You should have made the interviews face to face to be able to also observe the behavior. Grade 2

4 Good article. What was the main research question? The Mind map was a little bit too simple and not included in the main portfolio. Grade 3

Overall grade for the portfolio is: 2,3/5