Initial days in my Practical Teaching

I was fortunate enough to be given time by the guiding teacher. First, she told me about the course’s overview, how it will be conducted, about the number of lectures, schedule, assignments, final presentations and about the assessment, I started thinking about days to come during my stay for this teaching practice. In-depth info sessions helped me out to understand and to plan.

I considered John Bigg’s Constructive Alignment Theory while planning and discussing the course, lectures, and assessment. As I planned to enhance my competencies in planning, lecturing, and assessment. As per John Bigg’s Constructive Alignment Theory, the teacher makes the alignment between the planned learning activities and the learning outcomes. This is the conscious effort to provide the learner/student with the clearly specified goal. A well-designed activity or activities that are appropriate for the task and well-designed assessment criteria for giving feedback to the learner. As this course was already planned. Course content, study material, methods of assessment all were set and about to implement.  I realized it is a good time for me to test my learnings and competencies, match my thoughts with my supervisor’s thoughts and give my input during this process. As my supervisor was quite open and optimistic, she wanted to listen to me. She appreciated me with my suggestions and we collaboratively made some changes in lesson plans. 

Being a guiding teacher, my supervisor briefed me about how a session is conducted. He was kind enough to give me details of how to interact with students and to assess them while mentally preparing me for the session in order to help me with my research and confidence. She also guided me with his previous notes and told me how she gives lectures and what she expects his lectures to turn out like, I was told how I should interact by asking questions and how I can keep the class interested. I kept writing down points. I was lucky to have the company of this precise lecturer whose body language also taught me a lot about how I should carry myself in the class.

We discussed to great length on how to have a balanced interaction with students and how the sessions will be carried out initially and when would be my turn and where would be my part in that duration of the session. Before the lecture, I searched in detail about the topic that needed to be delivered. It took me hours of search to write points about the lesson. I wrote down the credits and sources too.

My detailed planning for the lecture included elaborating the notes and making them student friendly. I made points for my own search as well on powerpoint as a presentation, got it checked by the instructor and then used it as teaching material to the students. To keep my energy and the class interested I also prepared quick short pop up alternative solutions to every answer as well.

I prepared quizzes, quick short questions and answers and also interactive slides. I will explain more about the activities in class in my next blog post.

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