My Teaching Sessions

My next lecture was about Validity and Reliability in research methodology. As we were teaching different research methods to the students, it was important to teach them about Validity and Reliability in research methodology.

Planning of teaching:

The lecture was well planned because I had discussed it in detail with my guiding teacher. She guided me on how to research on a topic before giving a lecture on it; according to the assistance I prepared my lecture with a lot of research. I prepared a powerpoint presentation and prepared some questions to ask during the lecture to engage my students all the time. I experienced it is a good practice if a teacher keeps engaging the students by asking relevant questions, in this way students get involved in the lecture effectively, also they get motivated to ask from the teacher.

I also created an outline of main points, examples, and demonstration. I used effective visuals and examples to reinforce the main points.

I learned some important points from my previous lecture and I planned how to overcome my deficiencies. For example, I tried to avoid reading text from the slides most of the time; I combined this with lots of eye contact. I tried to speak clearly and not too rapidly. My guiding teacher pointed out that I speak a little fast and unclearly. Especially when students are busy taking notes, I went even slower. I tried to face the students as much as possible, rather than looking at the projection screen, or laptop.


At the beginning of my lecture, I shared the lecture outline with students, emphasized lesson objectives and key points, and as a summary at the end. I tried to keep my lecture within the scheduled time and balanced, I started normally and tried not to get panic. I learned this point also if one part of my lecture takes extra time than other parts of my lecture will suffer. By this way, the teacher cannot achieve set objectives.

Question/ Answer session went well. During my lecture, students started asking different questions and I tried to satisfy them by proper answering and sometimes by giving them suitable examples. There were 3 rows in the class and I was rotating from one row to another, in this way, I tried to keep engaging all the students. My guiding teacher also helped me as she knows her students and overall class attitude well.

Some of the students are writing their thesis and this lecture was even more useful for them. They asked me very practical questions related to the research part of their thesis and implication of Validity and Reliability in their thesis work. Considering the research part of their thesis, this session was quite handy and some serious and practical info shared.