I learnt an important and an integral part of teaching by attending these practical teaching sessions and next week I have a couple of more teaching lessons, now this class comprised of 70 presentations by the students, this was a very informative class and helped me in broadening my horizons. I conducted this with the help of my supervisor. I was doing an assessment for the first time in a class full of students from multicultural backgrounds.

I had a detailed conversation with my supervisor before Students were presenting their assignments, she assisted me about the assignment and told me key points about how she actually makes the assessment, due to this I prepared myself and was confident during student’s presentations.   The skills of the students were assessed; how well was the presentation given, was the student confident enough, how was the body language, how well informed was the student, was the student’s research was good enough, was it adequate? Did the student manage his or her presentation time properly?

The student with best eye contact, confidence with good meaningful content and time management was given full marks, it was noted how the student made use of the time, for example, the student who utilized all of his given 4 minutes properly with examples was given the highest marks compared to the student who delivered a much shorter  presentation or the student who gave unrequired details and taking more than the required given time.

I took all the presentations helping my supervisor while taking detailed notes. The lecturer was professional enough to take notes herself too and keenly observe every student too and their data. After the completion of the class, we exchanged our point of views and thankfully he shared his notes with me too.

Besides the presentations, i also had a chance to come across the assignments submitted by the students. I along with the lecturer, checked if all these assignments were up to the mark or not, whether the assignment follows the instructions or not, following the pattern or not, is the data given important or not? does it follow the specific format?